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PARADOX Server Rules

The PARADOX gaming servers operate under the code of conduct set by studio Wildcard that must be followed which can be found here

  • Cheating / Hacking is strictly against the rules

  • Harassment towards players or staff will not be tolerated

  • Building in the mesh is strictly not allowed

  • Names must be unique "123" or "Human" must be changed 

  • Limit of 2 base raids every 24 hours real life time

  • Things like racism, sexism and directed abuse will not be tolerated

  • Handcuffing is to be no longer than 30 minutes

  • Purposely abusing in game bugs or exploits is forbidden 

  • Using non intended raid methods to build into structures is not acceptable 

  • Boxing in dinos so they cannot be shot by turrets is not allowed

  • Respect everyone in the community regardless of your liking towards them

By playing on the PARADOX gaming servers you agree to follow everything stated above and understand that any breaches of anything listed will result in your removal from the community without warning

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